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Gait Analysis looks at the way a person runs.

Not only can it be used as a diagnostic tool if you are experiencing pain or a reoccurring injury when running, it can also identify and manage weakness and imbalance in the body and improve performance.

The 1 hour session will include:

  • Treadmill video Analysis
  • Assessment of the feet
  • Functional tests.
  • Exercises to rehabilitate and improve technique.

ViMove2 Gait Analysis


Outdoors and on a surface of your choice.

No more having to use treadmills to analyse running form. We can capture real data in your natural running environment for up to 45 minutes on roads, trails, fells, uphill and down dale. Of course they can also be used indoors on the treadmill.

Find out what happens when you fatigue, or the trail gets more technical. Comparing different sections of the run to get a real insight of how your body is coping with the load placed on it.

The sensors can also be used to analyse knee stability during 3 functional tests. Bilateral squats, single leg squats and single leg hops. This is extremely useful to find out how stable the knees are. Running needs symmetrical stability, without this we can be more prone to injury.

Just 2 sensors are used attached to the shins. They are small and light so you won’t notice they are there.

The data is presented in an easy to understand format and will be fully explained with a plan to correct and imbalances and issues.

Video is also taken from different angles to enable a full Analysis of movement.

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